Connected Limerick 2010

The online world around Limerick is featuring many groups, initiatives and services that effectively create a parallel “map” of the city, offering support, news and facilities to members and associates. How does the city link to its digital “cloud”? How can the players on the online dimension get together to offer new ideas and proposals that would enrich the digital dimension of Limerick?

The Limerick chapter of IxDA (the Interaction Design Association) will run a workshop around the theme of “Connected Limerick”.
In the workshop, we invite everyone involved in Limerick-related online communities to participate and discuss ideas together. The discussion will be based on a number of hands-on exercises aimed at representing the rich landscape of Limerick’s different communities – both physical and digital ones. Connected Limerick hopes to be the catalyst to make the digital and physical city merge, and the opportunity for new ventures emerge.


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